The Royal Rodale allows you to take a complete detour form the humdrum of a monotonous life and throw yourself in a world of excitements. Ideally located just near Sea-View Township touching the main residential phase of D.H.A. Phase 5 Ext, this three level facility is surely a unique and exotic treat for the fun-deprived Karachiites.

The club is conceived and planned to offer an equal utility to both the corporate and household sectors. It provides an exclusive and extravagant facility for those who enjoy and celebrate their past time in complete privacy and retreat.

A place where you experience the caresses of the balmy winds complemented by tranquility of the sea. Away from the chaos of metropolitan life in the arms of ethereal serenity is where you'll find the reality as you have craved to see it. Here you will find The Royal Rodale.

Owned and Operated by:
ABB Recreations (Pvt.) Ltd

Last Updated on: Tuesday, 20 May 2014