Alley's Blue

A 12-lane state-of-the-art bowling alley installed through the expertise of Brunswick UK, completely automated and animated. A unique love for the pins and the ball. It also caters to the palate with mini food court. With unmatched striking features the alley promises more than just fun.

Grand Circle

The Royal Rodale caters to the Thespian moments of its members in a whole new exciting manner. An auditorium with seating capacity of 222 people serves as a gateway to share exciting and entertainment. The place is completely insulated and air-conditioned, complemented by high-tech audio-visual equipment, giving the perfect atmosphere of the theatre. Besides offering the latest movies, the Grand Circle also has provision for theatrical events, like stage shows, plays and seminars.

Billiard & Snooker Room

The Royal Rodale turns the tables of entertainment with its unique Billiard and Snooker Room. The room features two English tables with ample of seating capacity To add an electrical feeling of thrill and joy especially for young members, The Royal Rodale has provision for a separate Pool Room that offers roaring fun and excitement and the perfect place to kill time in style.

Dixie Land

The Royal Rodale combines fun and food for children through it unique children's play area called the Dixie land . The Dixie Land is where children can touch the skies of entertainment by merging themselves in its fun-filled features like Ride slides, see-saw and lot more. The Dixie Land is simply the young children's haven.


Table Tennis


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